Galicia attracts green hydrogen investments especially from foreign companies

European Next Generation grants flood Galicia with green hydrogen projects. More than fifty community efforts are developing an energy source that is becoming a major fossil fuel alternative.

Investment from non-Spanish corporations stands out among the projects. Even with the Galician company planning further ventures, foreign capital enters the neighborhood.

Portuguese EDP and Galician Reganosa promote H2Pole. Building a green hydrogen plant in As Pontes requires 156 million euros and 60 direct jobs.

The facility will start with 20 megawatts and expand to 100. The Xunta de Galicia’s first strategic project, it will process halfway faster.

The Strategic Initiative for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen, and Storage gave this project 24 million euros. One of three grantees is it. The Julio Verne proposal from the Port of Vigo and Iberdrola and Foresa’s renewable methanol facility at Caldas de Reis (5.2 million euros) were also funded.


The latter aims to make Olívica’s port one of Spain’s key generators and distributors of green hydrogen for industrial and land and sea transportation. The six-million-euro project involves 12 companies.

Univergy manages this initiative. The “Hispanic-Japanese” enterprise is part of Enerfin, Reganosa, Galenergy, Quantum, EMSC, Elytt, and the Technological Institute of Galicia. The first will build a solar facility connected to another for industrial hydrogen generation.

Galenergy will develop a hydrogen plant for green steel, while the Spanish-Japanese corporation and its partner Quantum will generate and distribute green hydrogen for port logistics, mobility, and transport. inner docks cold ironing zero emissions.

Punta Langosteira

Punta Langosteira is joining Vigo and Ferrol in the green hydrogen boom. Ignis, through Armonia Green Galicia, plans to build a 200-megawatt electrolyser-powered hydrogen plant.

This project runs alongside Enerfin and Fisterra Energy. The Elecnor subsidiary is building a hydrogen plant to be operational “by the end of 2023”.

At the end of last year, Blackstone-owned Fisterra Energy requested a concession at the outer port of Punta Langosteira from the Port Authority of A Coruña. No details have been released about its green hydrogen and ammonia generation and storage plant.