Gasnam wins funding for hydrogen logistics chain research

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Gasnam receives aid to model the logistics chain of hydrogen maritime transport, specifically an overall amount close to 160,000 euros to develop the HYDROMAR project, requested by the entity in the 2022 call for support to Innovative Business Groups (AEI’s) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

HYDROMAR’s objective is the industrial research of 4.0 knowledge models in the logistics chain of hydrogen maritime transport in its different formats, both in molecule (H2) and as part of other molecules (carriers).

This research will be based on the analysis of the fundamental processes and parameters involved in the hydrogen logistics chain using digital enablers, which allow modeling not only the transport by ship, but also the loading and unloading at the port.

Gasnam will collaborate in the project together with AEI-Basque Maritime Forum, Cidaut Foundation, Enagás, Cotenaval and Millecasa.

AEI-Gasnam, while dealing with the development of carbon neutral mobility and its energy and industrial applications, participates very actively in generating a public-private collaborative environment at national level to meet the climate challenges of those modes of transport where there are fewer low-carbon alternatives. This would be the fifth project to receive a grant from the three calls for proposals that the association has submitted since it was recognized in 2020 as an Innovative Business Group by the Ministry of Industry.

Nedim Husomanovic

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