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Gastech Hydrogen to be launched in Dubai on September 21st


Gastech, the world’s largest expo and conference dedicated to the gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy industries, will have its own specialized Gastech Hydrogen event, promoting hydrogen as a clean energy solution.

The event, organized by dmg events and backed by the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, will take place in Dubai from September 21st to September 23rd, 2021.

In addition to Gastech, Gastech Hydrogen will bring together policymakers, producers, consumers, and suppliers to help the hydrogen sector grow. Gastech Hydrogen will serve as a global forum for industry experts to meet and discuss their progress toward low- and zero-carbon fuels, which will play a key part in the transition to a new energy landscape.

Hydrogen is an increasingly popular kind of sustainable energy with enormous growth potential, having been identified as a major solution to climate change and the urgency of decarbonisation. Gastech Hydrogen will shine a light on this rapidly growing fuel source, allowing firms from all parts of the hydrogen value chain to demonstrate their latest products, services, and solutions.

In an exclusive Gastech LIVE Session, Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of energy technology company Baker Hughes, one of the sponsors of Gastech Hydrogen, will speak.

Lorenzo will share his thoughts on achieving energy decarbonisation and how technology innovation can help to advance the net-zero objective.

“We know that natural gas can both be a transition fuel and a destination fuel in the move to a lower carbon future,” Simonelli added. To decarbonize the energy sector, we must introduce more efficient and lower-emission natural gas technologies now, while also accelerating the adoption of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), hydrogen, and energy storage technologies. These technologies can only have a significant impact on the energy transition if they are scaled up.

“Seeing such a significant focus on hydrogen at this year’s Gastech conference is promising. The time has come for industry, governments, and partners to realize hydrogen’s full potential. Baker Hughes’ decades of hydrogen technological improvements position us as a significant player in the energy transition and a collaborator to help make it a success.”

Governments and industry must work together as the world transitions to a new energy landscape to guarantee that they are on track to meet the common global goal of a low-carbon economy. Consumers and industries, such as electricity generation, building, and transportation, are all growing their energy demands around the world. Gastech serves as an important facilitator of engagement between the global gas industry and policymakers, business leaders, disruptors, and innovators, assisting governments and industry in navigating the complexities of the energy transition as companies seek to adapt to the trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping global gas markets.

The Dubai World Trade Centre will host Gastech 2021. It is projected to draw 20,000 people, including senior decision-makers and energy sector thought leaders, as well as more than 300 exhibitors, who will set the agenda for the global gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy industries.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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