GAUSSIN and Lhyfe boost development of hydrogen mobility

By providing a global solution for the production and distribution of carbon-free mobility, GAUSSIN and Lhyfe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to expedite the development of hydrogen mobility at port, airport, and logistics facilities.

In order to create a full sustainable transportation solution, the two operators plan to combine the hydrogen-powered GAUSSIN vehicles with the clean, renewable hydrogen produced by Lhyfe.

A commercial component of the alliance is to find potential clients in France and internationally who would be interested in such a comprehensive renewable mobility solution for logistics, port, and airport facilities.

Using water and renewable energy, Lhyfe creates green and renewable hydrogen. The business, which opened its first production facility in 2021, already has sales pipelines that, by 2030, will amount 9.8 GW in installed production capacity. In order to decarbonize transportation and industry, it aims to build and run green and renewable hydrogen production facilities throughout Europe.

Thus, Lhyfe’s business complements that of GAUSSIN, which creates heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered vehicles. Lhyfe and GAUSSIN aim to provide a global green hydrogen mobility solution for the transportation and logistics ecosystem by taking use of any potential synergies between their respective lines of business.

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