GE Renewable Energy connects hydro unit to grid in China


GE Renewable Energy’s first unit of the Wudongde (WDD) hydropower station was successfully linked to the power generation grid and completed 72 hours of test operations.

This marked an important step towards the official commissioning and service of the remaining units and of the entire project.

GE Hydro Solutions supplies 6 x 850 MW of Francis turbine generator sets and associated hydropower equipment for the WDD project. At 850 MW these are the largest units in a hydropower plant ever used in the world.

They represent another large-scale national energy infrastructure project built with CTG by GE Hydro Solutions following the Three Gorges Project and the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station.

“Congratulations to CTG and all the parties involved on the successful commissioning of the first unit of the WDD Hydropower Station. The fact that this giant unit of 850 MW is now up and running is a clear proof of the capabilities of our local design and manufacturing teams. For more than 20 years of cooperation, GE and CTG have established a long-term partnership in equipment supply and technology exchange. We share experiences, results and above all our mutual commitment to make hydropower a foundation of China’s future energy landscape.”

Pascal Radue, CEO of GE Renewable Energy hydro solutions.

WDD Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 10.200 MW is located in the lower reaches of Jinsha River. It is the third hydropower station in China with a capacity above 10.000 MW and the seventh in the world.

It is a major clean energy project, bringing more clean energy to the grid, promoting energy conservation and facilitating emission reductions. The project is scheduled to be operational in 2021, achieving 39 million MWh of annual power generation.

Nedim Husomanovic

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