GenH2 and Chart sign MoU on Hydrogen Liquefaction Systems

In order to jointly market and distribute small-scale hydrogen liquefaction technology globally, GenH2 and Chart Industries have formed a strategic alliance.

The partnership on international sales and marketing potential, the production and supply of equipment, and the use of GenH2’s 1,000 kg/day hydrogen liquefier are all covered by the agreement.

The need for distributed hydrogen infrastructure has increased dramatically, but there is still a dearth of liquid hydrogen in some regions. The deployment of a scalable, flexible distributed infrastructure that eliminates geographic restrictions will be made possible by GenH2’s 1000 Kg/day solution.

The MOU’s specifics state that GenH2 will add Chart equipment, including storage, heat exchangers, and other crucial parts, into their liquefaction systems. In addition to having a presence all over the world, Chart has 60 years of expertise in producing hydrogen equipment that is the best in its class in terms of performance and quality. Greg Gosnell, president, and chief executive officer of GenH2, said, “In a market where supply chain challenges are pervasive, this strategic relationship will allow us to meet our growing order list.

The GenH2 flagship 1 TPD liquefaction plant uses technology that is performance and efficiency tuned to produce 1,000 kg/day of pure para hydrogen. The system’s compact size was designed to be installed just where it is needed, giving users more freedom and control over their energy source. This complements Chart’s more powerful H2 liquefaction capabilities and frees GenH2 to concentrate on smaller distributed liquefaction systems while Chart concentrates on growing larger-scale solutions.

The two businesses will also work together to continue building connections with businesses along the entire hydrogen value chain and, when appropriate, to go after new clients. Gosnell continued, “Our new alliance with Chart will enable GenH2 to quicken its plans for market penetration into other nations.

The industry will benefit from working together with GenH2 on technology and equipment to advance hydrogen liquefaction alternatives at all sizes and for a wide range of applications, according to Chart’s CEO Jill Evanko. “We are thrilled to work with GenH2 to market these cutting-edge technologies in a safe and effective manner.”

The collaboration comes as GenH2 recently unveiled its GenH2 LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System, an end-to-end liquefication system that can be used both stationary or mounted on a trailer for mobility. The LS20 can liquefy, store, and dispense liquid hydrogen as a whole.

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