GenH2 launches mobile liquid hydrogen system

GenH2 has unveiled their innovative end-to-end liquefaction and storage technology, the LS20 Mobile Liquid Hydrogen System.

The ground-breaking mobile liquefaction unit provides a fully integrated, space-optimized liquid hydrogen solution for use in a variety of applications, including energy backup, transportation, and advancing the usage of liquid hydrogen through pilot projects and testing. In addition, it will serve as a testing ground for material, insulation, thermodynamic characteristics, and use scenarios for their applications.

The LS20 was built by GenH2 with the capability of creating modest amounts of liquid hydrogen in order to give access to more hydrogen researchers and hydrogen industry players. GenH2’s objective is to deliver light-scale infrastructure solutions for liquid hydrogen. The LS20 can manufacture two to twenty kilograms (kg) of liquid hydrogen per day, ensuring that there is always liquid hydrogen available for use. Twenty kilograms of liquid hydrogen can be easily stored and utilised in the ultralight utility tank systems of GenH2 and holds over 2400 Megajoules of energy.

The LS20, the smallest mobile liquid hydrogen unit currently on the market, is self-sufficient and can operate on its own using a portable generator or by connecting to a building’s power supply. This makes the LS20 perfect for supplying fuel to multipurpose drones and giving first responders an emergency power supply. Additionally, the LS20 units are manufacturing prepared to meet the rising demand for hydrogen and facilitate a quicker rollout and acceptance of infrastructure. According to Baik, the LS20 is a game-changer for the quickly expanding hydrogen industry thanks to its adaptability, small size, and speed-to-market capabilities.

The LS20 is intended for applications where the feasibility of hydrogen necessitates relatively compact systems. The LS20 can liquefy, store, and distribute liquid hydrogen from any source of gaseous hydrogen, including a storage tank or an electrolyzer, as a whole system. The user may provide liquid hydrogen when and when it is required using this small, adaptable system.

The LS20 also serves as a base for GenH2 systems with greater capacity, such as the 100 kg and 1000 kg LH2 per day options. When implemented, these solutions will be a cutting-edge improvement to the available options for advanced clean energy.