Genvia in new pilot deals to boost decarbonization with hydrogen


Schlumberger New Energy, the CEA, and their partners announced the signing of pilot project agreements between Genvia and critical-industry leaders on the path to net zero in the cement and steel industries.

Through these agreements, Genvia will scale up the next generation of electrolyzer technology developed by the CEA over two decades of R&D to produce clean hydrogen without CO2, accelerating the decarbonization of multiple industrial sectors.

During an official visit to the Schlumberger and Genvia facility, French President Emmanuel Macron praised the joint public-private partnership and reaffirmed his commitment to the hydrogen economy. These new agreements will lay the groundwork for developing the entire value chain to use hydrogen as the preferred clean energy carrier, leveraging Schlumberger’s industrialization expertise and global footprint.

Genvia’s pilot projects will focus on efficiency, performance and decarbonization of industrial processes for the steel and cement industries, as follows:

  • Genvia and ArcelorMittal Méditerranée, a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, a world leader in the steel industry, have agreed a pilot project to substitute current hydrogen use, and support the decarbonization of high-performance electric steel production required for the electric vehicle industry.
  • Genvia and Ugitech, part of Swiss Steel Group, a world leader in long stainless-steel products, have agreed a pilot project to demonstrate both the technical relevance of hydrogen as a clean fuel for a reheating furnace that can replace natural gas, and the economic efficiency of Genvia’s technology.
  • Genvia; Vicat, a cement production group; Hynamics, a low-carbon and renewable hydrogen solutions subsidiary of EDF group; and EDF research have agreed a pilot project focused on the optimization of Genvia’s technology for industrial applications, demonstrated in the cement sector.

The projects are expected to produce between 200kg and 600kg of hydrogen per day.

Anela Dokso

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