Germans and Scots deepen cooperation on offshore wind and green hydrogen


The Wind Energy Cluster WAB, with its Scottish partner DeepWind, has signed a three-year cooperation agreement. The agreement aims to work more closely with joint efforts to increase offshore wind power and to grow the market for green wind hydrogen.

Among the proposed activities are collaborative matchmaking and networking events. In addition, information, experiences and expertise will be shared and evaluated by WAB and DeepWind and kept informed about progress in joint projects.

In this way, the partners aim to promote the transnational offshore wind industry and the development of green hydrogen at sea and to help, in their exchange and practical cooperation, the supply chains in both countries.

“We visited our DeepWind colleagues in Aberdeen with several WAB members in January and immediately noticed our common ground: Our shared experience in the maritime industry plays an important role, as do the companies’ complementary backgrounds.

“I am looking forward to our cooperation, with which we will create a platform for a closer exchange between our markets and which is intended to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies in particular to enter the market and simplify cooperation with larger market players.”

Heike Winkler, WAB managing director.

“The Scottish government has understood the importance of rapidly expanding offshore wind power and entering into the production of ‘green’ hydrogen for the climate-friendly energy supply of the future. As agreed in its coalition agreement, the German government should follow up with a short-term special tender for offshore wind and also present a concrete plan on how the hydrogen strategy presented can be implemented in a market economy.”

Irina Lucke, chairwoman of the WAB executive board.

“I look forward to the exchange between our members and the WAB member companies. Scotland has a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind potential. This offers great opportunities for the cost-effective large-scale production of green hydrogen.”

Paul O’Brien, cluster manager of the DeepWind Offshore Wind Cluster.

“I welcome the close cooperation of WAB with its Scottish partners. This cooperation has the potential to drive innovation on both sides in developing offshore wind and ‘green’ hydrogen production. This is conducive to added value and jobs here in the region and accelerates our joint progress towards a climate-neutral Europe in the long-term.”

Kristina Vogt, Bremen’s senator for economic affairs, Labour and Europe. 
Nedim Husomanovic

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