Gesip and France Hydrogen sign a partnership

A wide variety of cooperation in terms of industrial risk management, regulation, training, and cross-participation in working groups has been made possible by the first collaborative project between Gesip and France Hydrogen. 

They established the framework for a collaborative project where Gesip will collaborate with France Hydrogen to help Gesip develop more specifically a new competence in the area to support the European energy transition while also sharing its acknowledged expertise in industrial risk management with the hydrogen industry. Thus, the following 4 areas of partnership have been determined:

  1. Gesip offers France Hydrogen, a developing industrial sector, all of its expertise in exchanging feedback and accidentally investigation. Gesip assists France Hydrogen in structuring in terms of risk management and safety as a result.
  2. Gesip will collaborate with France Hydrogen to create the legal framework necessary for the transportation of hydrogen through gas pipelines as well as the guidelines related to these novel applications, for which Gesip serves as the standard-setting body.
  3. France Hydrogen will collaborate with Gesip to offer specialized training on hydrogen risk and industrial site safety by making its knowledge of the skills and training requirements for the hydrogen sector available.
  4. By collaborating on a handbook establishing the requirements for access to industrial sites for hydrogen vehicles, France Hydrogen will assist Gesip in its information cycle on new energy (LCV then PL).

France Hydrogène and Gesip are thrilled to be able to combine their knowledge of risk management, laws, and training to ensure the safe development of the French hydrogen industry.

Gesip President Cyril de Coatpont stated: “A first step in our development strategy is this alliance. We desire to share our expertise with other participants in the industrial sectors.”

“The hydrogen industry is expanding; new plants are opening up, enormous hydrogen production projects are planned, and distribution centers are being put up throughout the world. In order to ensure safe deployment, the industry places a high priority on risk management. One strategy for achieving this goal is through this collaboration “according to Philippe Boucly, CEO of France Hydrogen.

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