Gotland Company reveals world’s first hydrogen-powered catamaran

The Gotland Hydrocat, the first large-scale, high-speed catamaran vessel powered by fossil-free hydrogen, has been conceptualized by Sweden’s Gotland Company (Gotlandsbolaget).

Once the ship is in operation in 2030, the distance and travel time between Gotland and the mainland will both be significantly shorter. The ship is the second in the Horizon series from Gotlandsbolaget.

The Gotland Horizon served as the centerpiece of the concept model for the Horizon series, which is based on fast passenger and freight ships and was introduced in 2021. Sweden’s first initiative for extensive, hydrogen-powered shipping of people and goods was the Gotland Horizon.

To reduce emissions from shipping, Gotland Hydrocat and Gotland Horizon are both now being developed. According to the corporation, the two ship models will be able to provide even speedier, more adaptable, and more environmentally friendly voyages to and from Gotland.

By 2045, Gotland Company wants all traffic to be carbon neutral. The creation of the following generation of ships is one of the most significant endeavors to realize the objective of climate-neutral Gotland transportation – Destination Zero.

The ships are made to run on fossil-free hydrogen, which emits water vapor as its main byproduct. However, both vessels include what is known as a “multifuel solution,” which enables them to run on different fossil-free fuels with very minor modifications.

The goal is to have the Gotland Hydrocat available for orders no later than 2025 and in operation no later than 2030. Work is currently being done to develop all the necessary technology. In cooperation with the Australian shipbuilder Austal, Gotlandsbolaget created the model for the Gotland Hydrocat.