Greece sets green hydrogen production targets

Greece has set high goals for its green hydrogen production.

Due to the natural gas pipes that currently run through its territory as well as those that are in the development stages, Greece is developing its own strategy for incorporating hydrogen into its energy mix and is asserting a position as a green hydrogen junction.

The 20-member Interior Ministry committee has completed the roadmap for incorporating hydrogen into the nation’s energy mix, and it is anticipated that it will be presented at a special event jointly hosted by the European Hydrogen Association, the Regional Authorities of Crete, Western Macedonia, and Thessaly, as well as the commission for developing a national hydrogen strategy.

Greece will be able to produce roughly 3 metric tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) of green hydrogen and export 1 Mtoe in 2040, and it will be able to produce 7.4 Mtoe and export 2.3 Mtoe in 2050, which is comparable to an annual export value of 1.6 billion euros.

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