Green hydrogen pilot project in Schleswig-Holstein

Scientists are working on a project in Schleswig-Holstein to produce the necessary hydrogen as sustainably as feasible.

The refinery intends to deploy a 30-megawatt electrolyzer for this initial stage. The following electrolysis plant should be more than 20 times as powerful and enable the production of entirely new goods.

The West Coast University of Applied Sciences provides the initiative with scientific backing.

Hydrogen is still the subject of more study in Schleswig-Holstein than it is in the actual application. The state coordination agency for the hydrogen economy’s website lists 15 hydrogen projects, 12 of which are currently in the planning stages.

On the other hand, there aren’t enough electrolyzers, therefore the production capabilities are obviously too limited. Although there is room for development under the national hydrogen policy, it won’t be enough. Therefore, the federal government has recently finalized a deal to import green hydrogen from Canada.

Large amounts of green hydrogen will be imported into Germany starting in 2025 when it will be put to use in the country’s industrial sectors.

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