Green hydrogen production project starts at University of Lyon 1

In the European initiative of eight research institutions for the production of “green” hydrogen, thus decarbonized, from biomass, two CNRS laboratories in Lyon, IrceLyon and LCH, are involved.

It should be possible to build an extraction technique that aids in the energy transition with a budget of €4 million spread over four years.

Beginning in January, a European scientific partnership introduced the Elobio research project, which aims to produce “green” hydrogen concurrently with regular hydrogen.

Together with the IC2MP in Poitiers, three institutions (two German and one Dutch) and two universities in Spain will work with three French CNRS research laboratories, including two from Lyon, IrceLyon (University of Lyon 1), which manages the project, and LCH (Chemistry Laboratory).

Together with their technical teams, that amounts to roughly twenty researchers. The European Innovation Council has allocated 4 million euros over 4 years to carry out these investigations. The goal is to demonstrate the theory in a lab setting.

The solutions being evaluated will be based on the electrolysis process, which allows for a selective breakdown into chemical elements while being affected by an electric current, similar to how water breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, biomass would be valued at two levels by creating high-performance electrocatalysts and maximizing performance through electrolysis procedures supported by ultrasound or even magnetic fields.

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