Green hydrogen prospects for Aust, UK

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The secretary of state for foreign trade of the United Kingdom has signaled increased collaboration with Australian industries as the two nations aim to enhance the flow of green hydrogen.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan is on a four-day visit to Australia, where she will meet with the prime minister, cabinet ministers, and businessmen as the two countries try to ratify a free trade deal.

As part of the clean energy revolution, green hydrogen is a crucial issue, the secretary told AAP.

“I would like to see some of these British companies that have built this competence collaborate with Australian companies.”

Under the terms of the free trade agreement, the two countries have agreed to develop and accelerate cost-effective low and zero-emissions technologies, as well as to support clean and renewable energy sources and infrastructure.

Ms. Trevelyan stated that one of the responsibilities of the environment chapter of the FTA was to help both countries tackle the problem of climate change and the race to zero by 2050.

The Australian parliament is expected to ratify the FTA legislation before the end of the year, while the international trade secretary will propose the measure to the British parliament on Tuesday, with the hope that it will go into effect early next year.

While the United Kingdom has been largely insulated from the energy security problem affecting European states highly dependent on Russian gas, the rise in worldwide prices has prompted Downing Street to strive to increase renewable energy supply.

“The price increase has impacted British individuals, businesses, and consumers,” stated Ms. Trevelyan.

The United Kingdom is a world leader in the development of clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and the new nuclear power plant.

The secretary states that this action will also give Australian businesses and markets with a chance to increase their investment in renewable energy.

She stated, “We want to see both British and Australian enterprises with the necessary experience collaborating so that we can see the mutual benefits of the technologies we need to advance.”

“Australia faces a significant task in phasing out its coal-fired power plants.

We look forward to collaborating with them to expand these renewable and clean energy sources.

On Wednesday, the secretary will meet with businesses and ministries in Sydney to discuss clean energy innovation and promoting women’s economic participation.

During the secretary’s visit, space and defense ties will also be a focus.

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