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Green Hydrogen Systems has agreed to supply electrolyser units to Wenger Engineering for a green hydrogen generation project in Germany.

The parties will enter into an obligatory service agreement following this supply agreement.

The contract calls for the supply of three GHS HyProvideTM A90 electrolysers with a combined capacity of 1,3 MW for the production of green hydrogen using renewable energy. The HyProvideTM units will be put in a 20 and 40 foot container at an electrolyser test field in Bremerhaven, Germany. They will be powered on-site by wind turbines.

Wenger Engineering is leading the project as an independent research and development organization specializing in thermodynamics, renewable energy, and hydrogen technology. Green Hydrogen Systems will deliver the electrolyser units and provide on-site maintenance, as well as remote monitoring and assistance, as part of a three-year service agreement.

Wenger Engineering will be responsible for the entire test field, which will include pressurized alkaline electrolysis equipment from Green Hydrogen Systems, a PEM electrolyser, compression unit, storage system, and fuel cells. The goal of the test fields is to compare the effectiveness of those two distinct technologies in a systematic manner. Additionally, the electrolysers will be connected to a virtual electricity network to assess the stabilizing impacts of several decentralized generation units connected to the grid.

Another component of the research will evaluate applications in the logistics and transportation industries, as well as in the food business. The test field results and operational experience should pave the way for future large-scale hydrogen uses.

“With Germany announcing its ambitious National Hydrogen Strategy, the country has a potential to become a global leader in the associated green hydrogen technologies.  And we at Green Hydrogen Systems are thrilled to be selected by a partner like Wenger Engineering who possess the crucial market knowledge and share our vision to pioneer the field of green hydrogen and drive a sustainable global energy transition,” says Søren Rydbirk, CCO of Green Hydrogen Systems.

“We have scoured the electrolysis market, and concluded that Green Hydrogen Systems was the clear leader in the pressurised alkaline electrolysis. The test field is a major opportunity for Green Hydrogen Systems to demonstrate their technology and showcase its effectiveness.  The insights from this project will not only have a significant scaling effect on the hydrogen economy in Germany, but the results can potentially be valuable for all of Europe’s green energy transition,” says David Wenger, CEO of Wenger Engineering.

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