Greenland to get offshore wind to ammonia project

The first commercial wind farm in Greenland will be built with the intention of producing and exporting green ammonia, according to a Letter of Intent (LOI) that Greenland-based Anori and H2Carrier have signed.

The 1.5 GW of renewable energy from the wind farm will be used to power H2Carrier’s P2XFloater, a floating manufacturing vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia.

The design of the P2XFloater was created in close collaboration with eminent Norwegian engineering organizations. The P2XFloater is built on tried-and-true technology from floating oil and gas production, along with electrolyzers, control systems that maximize renewable energy, and the Haber-Bosch ammonia production process.

On PtX projects around the world, H2Carrier will construct, own or lease, and manage a fleet of P2XFloaters. Green ammonia will be kept aboard the ship in tanks before being exported to smaller shipping boats and sent to the global ammonia market.