GroenLeven has agreed to purchase green hydrogen from the Sinnewetterstof project in Oosterwolde from Orangegas.

GroenLeven will generate hydrogen on-site using power generated by the solar park. Orangegas will distribute this hydrogen through a network of filling stations spread over the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Alliander has begun preparing for the project’s construction.

At periods when solar energy is abundant, an electrolyser turns it to hydrogen in the Sinnewetterstof project. Thus, the project contributes to grid congestion resolution in the Netherlands. This created energy is not lost, but can be stored locally in a sustainable manner using this hydrogen solution.

The trial will test how the electrolyser adjusts to the solar park’s variable generation. Willem de Vries, GroenLeven’s project manager, on the project: ‘This provides us insight into how we can use green hydrogen as a form of renewable energy that can be stored, but it also allows us to examine how the electrolyser can adapt to the solar park’s continuously changing generation.’

Recently, the agreements between GroenLeven and Alliander were finalized. They have now begun preparations for the system’s development and are concentrating their efforts on the test protocols. Ecomunitypark, an ecological work landscape, and the municipality of Ooststellingwerf provide the space and resources necessary to accomplish this idea. The system’s construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.

Nedim Husomanovic

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