Groningen delegation goes on the hydrogen trip

A group from the province, the town of Groningen, knowledge institutions, and businesses came to Sweden for an “innovation trip.”

The trip’s goal is to share information, acquire inspiration, and explore collaboration in the areas of energy, hydrogen, sustainable mobility, education, and innovation. The adventure will run until May 21 and will take you through Finland. Deputy Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk and Melissa van Hoorn participate in the mission on behalf of the province.


A delegation of about 50 persons flew from Groninger Airport Eelde to Gothenburg, Sweden. She went to the city’s waterfront and a Volvo factory while she was there. The team toured several energy projects in Stockholm, and Deputy Van Hoorn presented a presentation about the significance of hydrogen in our future energy system at the Dutch embassy. A trip to Vattenfall’s green steel production and Lulea’s technical university was scheduled for northern Sweden.


The team will visit the Finnish energy center in Vaasa on Thursday, May 19th, when numerous enterprises will be inspected. The focus of the tour will be hydrogen, huge battery plants, energy storage, and electric flight. Finland and Sweden’s collaboration is also mentioned. A visit to the university and the Dutch Embassy will be made in Helsinki, among other things.

Two missions for innovation

The province and municipality of Groningen have scheduled the first of two innovation missions to take place. The end of October will see an innovation mission visiting Norway and Denmark. When it comes to energy, hydrogen, and sustainable mobility, the Scandinavian nations have a lot of expertise and experience, which is something we want to concentrate on as a province in the next years. In addition to information exchange, we intend to develop interesting networks for Groningen with both goals.


The University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, New Energy Coalition, Groningen Seaports, Groningen Airport Eelde, Northern Development Agency (NOM), Economic Board Groningen, Gasunie, Enexis, Holthausen, the Public Transport Bureau Groningen Drenthe, and Qbuzz are all represented, in addition to the province and municipality of Groningen. on the journey