GS E&C and EcoproHN to create ammonia breakdown tech for producing hydrogen

GS E&C and EcoproHN have signed a business deal for the development of low-carbon hydrogen production and use technology based on ammonia.

Hydrogen is thought to be efficiently transported across large distances by ammonia. The two businesses intend to work together to create high-efficiency ammonia breakdown technology for producing hydrogen.

Based on current plant design technology, GS E&C will create a reactor and process for ammonia decomposition hydrogen production, and Eco Pro HN will create a high-efficiency integrated catalyst employing environmentally friendly technology.

By 2026, it is intended to jointly develop a production technology for producing hydrogen by reacting ammonia with a high-efficiency catalyst in a reactor, as well as to construct and run a test facility for the technology. It is important to build a production facility that can boost the volume and productivity of ammonia-based hydrogen generation.

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