GTL liquid hydrogen gas tanks combine with HyPoint gas cell system

Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories (GTL) and HyPoint announced a partnership to combine GTL’s superior carbon composite “BHL Cryotank” liquid hydrogen gas tanks with HyPoint’s gas cell system.

In comparison to current aerospace cryotanks (steel or composite), BHL Cryotanks have demonstrated a 75 percent mass reduction, allowing hydrogen plane and eVTOL designers to store up to 10 times more liquid hydrogen gas without adding mass. As a result, planes can travel longer distances between refueling stops. HyPoint also announced that Umeed Ashtiani, a former GE Aviation and Rolls-Royce engineering executive, has joined the company to lead the company’s system engineering team and oversee the tank technology’s implementation.

GTL specializes in developing advanced composite prototypes and technologies for aerospace, and has won numerous development contracts from NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the United States Air Force, and others. To make composite parts, GTL uses a variety of polymer-composite manufacturing processes, including filament winding, hand layup, and fiber placement. GTL has built and tested a variety of BHL Cryotanks at various scales, demonstrating that they are leak-tight even after repeated cryo-thermal strain cycles. This technology has a TRL of 5+ and can be used with a variety of cryogenic propellants, including liquid oxygen, liquid methane, and liquid hydrogen.