Guascor works on hydrogen engines

Siemens’ Gipuzkoan Guascor Engines are already beginning to take off. The Gipuzkoan firm, which was acquired by the German Mutares last spring, is currently engaged in a significant initiative to create hydrogen engines that can carry out the same tasks as its propellers do today in huge cogeneration plants or ship engines, among other things.

This publication has gathered that the company previously started working on this project while it was still under Siemens’ ownership, but it is now that it is gaining momentum.

The project’s method of gradually expanding the mix to identify any flaws is similar to what businesses like Nortegas are doing in the gas distribution network. By 2025, it is intended to create an internal combustion engine that can run only on hydrogen. Finding power units capable of operating with more than a 50–50% gas combination has proven to be exceedingly difficult in the industry up to this point. The idea would represent a crucial step in opening markets that require hydrogen to decarbonize and avoid the costs that green taxes can entail, such as much of the Basque Country’s heavy industries.

The Basque Government has pledged to invest three million euros in the “H2See” project between this year and each of the following three years to see it through to completion. The effort also intends to decarbonize the Zumaia corporation. With this project, the company wants to investigate whether it can get more power and dependability out of its engines in addition to exploring different propulsion energy sources.

The project may have a significant impact on the entire motor system, but carburetion is clearly its main area of interest. This procedure requires operational safety but also offers the potential for increased power and efficiency. As a result, Guascor’s program entails a significant redesign of its industrial engines, with a particular emphasis on the lower portion of the product. Thus, Mutares starts to make judgments for a company that now considers the hydrogen market to be an additional source of revenue.

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