H2-Industuries sign deal for Suez Canal waste-to-hydrogen project at COP27

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between H2-Industuries and the Egyptian waste management systems company was signed in order to establish a supply of the necessary feedstock for a waste-to-hydrogen plant that is slated to be built at East Port Said in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, Egypt.

Up to four million tonnes of plastic garbage will need to be provided to the plant annually by Green Planet, who will also need to manage a pre-treatment facility and build a complete supply chain.

According to experts at COP27, waste-to-hydrogen technology might resolve two “common concerns” by enabling the production of hydrogen, a low-carbon energy source, as well as the environmentally appropriate disposal of garbage.

Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman and CEO of H2-Industries, said, “This is just the first of several international projects where governments and responsible authorities around the globe realize that organic waste and especially plastic waste if treated correctly, can be a valuable asset and used to generate significant amounts of clean hydrogen”.

In its January 2022 announcement of the plant’s plans, H2-Industries stated that the levelized cost of the hydrogen produced by the project is anticipated to be half that of current green hydrogen production technologies.

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