H2NORD establishing green hydrogen infrastructure in Emden

With funds secured, H2NORD is establishing a regional infrastructure for clean hydrogen transportation.

For a 10 megawatt electrolysis facility, the Lower Saxony hydrogen directive was used to apply for the subsidy. The financing decision in the sum of 8 million euros was presented by Christian Meyer, Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Climate Protection, on January 31 in Hannover.

H2NORD intends to construct a number of green hydrogen filling stations in Emden and the surrounding area and to refuel them with locally produced hydrogen. For the electrolysis production, only local, renewable electricity sources should be employed. H2NORD seeks to encourage the region’s energy transition in this way.

The award notification will provide funding for the first 10 megawatts of electrolysis capacity for hydrogen production. They represent the initial stage of the 50 megawatts of electrolysis that will be added later. The financing volume also includes the filling equipment for the mobile hydrogen storage system. They house the green hydrogen and deliver it to the filling stations as well.

The highest grant allowed by the hydrogen directive for each project is 8 million euros from the state ministry’s financial pool. With an investment volume of roughly 20 million euros, that equates to a funding rate of 40% for H2NORD.

The Emden energy park generates a significant portion of the electricity needed to make the project’s own hydrogen. The projected solar park is anticipated to produce up to 94 megawatts, some of which will be utilized for electrolysis. As a result, both the creation of hydrogen and the operation of the cars it powers are emission-free.

The money has been authorized as a grant from the Lower Saxony hydrogen directive. The now-expired tender had the intention of encouraging hydrogen economy experimental projects. The Lower Saxony NBank Investment and Development Bank is responsible for disbursing the grant notification.

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