H2OPE secures £2.5M seed funding for hydrogen electrolyzers

A £2.5 million seed investment was made public by H2OPE organization to advance its hydrogen electrolysis technology.

Many alternatives are not truly commercially viable because it can need almost as much energy to extract hydrogen from water as it does to produce it. At the same time, this may not lessen the carbon generation utilized for energy.

With the use of cutting-edge techniques and patented technology, the H2OPE group hopes to double this efficiency and will build a modular unit that can handle significant energy-intensive applications.

A hydrogen generating unit that can also be used to fill hydrogen fuel cells or charge electric vehicles, providing a one-stop shop for future vehicles, has to be developed.

The hydrogen-powered EV charging station might also contain a filling port for a hydrogen fuel cell. Since hydrogen is constantly being produced, it may be stored.

In the current environment, the H2OPE Group has developed a more cost-effective method of hydrogen generation, storage, and application that can use waste water and needs very little electricity.

Water from the mains or even runoff from a car wash can be used to create hydrogen. Any remaining water is clean and can be recycled again.