H2Pro and Gaia Energy team up on green hydrogen development

H2Pro, an Israeli hydrogen startup, and Gaia Energy, a Moroccan renewable energy producer, inked a memorandum of agreement to deliver green hydrogen during COP27.

Large areas of Morocco’s land are suitable for the large-scale energy generation, which is mostly driven by wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels. This might be used to generate enough green hydrogen at the lowest cost possible to supply 20% of the demand in Europe.

The new agreement opens the door for the incorporation of H2Pro’s technology and the investigation of the viability of Moroccan production of H2Pro’s electrolysers.

The announcement of the agreement took place in the presence of Rachid Tahiri and Kelthoum Belhaj, senior officials from the Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, as well as Tamar Zandberg, the Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, Lior Ben Dor, the director of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Egypt and the Maghreb, and Tamar Zandberg.

The Grand Technion Energy Program at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa invented the concept, and H2Pro is its commercial division. The company uses a method that uses electricity more effectively to separate hydrogen from oxygen in a number of phases.

In order to power Africa with renewable energy, Gaia Energy collaborates with important utilities, national grid operators, and governments.

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