Hannature and DMT to build a hydrogen mobility ecosystem

In order to take the initiative in creating a hydrogen mobility industry ecosystem, the Korea Automotive Research Institute is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Transportation Authority (DMT) in the United Arab Emirates.

On April 16th, the Korea Automotive Research Institute met in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at the Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi (local time). Today, the UAE Commercial Forum made public the signing of an MOU for business collaboration to advance hypermobility.

Following the signing of this MOU, the two nations intend to support the creation of an ecosystem for Abu Dhabi’s low-carbon hydrogen strategy, including providing infrastructure, hydrogen transportation, and hydrogen filling stations, as well as developing domestic hydrogen companies in the Middle East.

Sharing hydrogen plants, hydrogen refueling stations, and hydrogen bus design plans; collaboration in hydrogen bus operation and ubiquitous repair; construction of hydrogen charging infrastructure; exchange of human resources with experts to foster hydrogen expertise; and identification of international joint R&D hydrogen projects are some of the specific contents of the MOU.

For the first time in the Middle East and Africa, the UAE government has unveiled the “Hydrogen Leadership Roadmap” and is currently developing a strategy to support a sustainable hydrogen industry that aims to capture 25% of the global hydrogen market by 2050. This strategy includes developing new value through the export of low-carbon hydrogen derivatives, luring investors from the hydrogen industry, and operating a green bus as part of its decarbonization program.

Prior to the MOU signing ceremony, Hannature took part in the Hydrogen Mobility Forum organized by Changwon City and the Abu Dhabi Integrated Transportation Center (ITC) to discuss the state of the domestic hydrogen market and emerging technological trends and come to an understanding regarding the potential benefits of hydrogen.

ITC Director Abdullah Mohammed Mattoqui Al Mazuqü spoke at the roundtable event and emphasized close contact and cooperation between the two nations while outlining the current situation of transportation in Abu Dhabi and his commitment to developing infrastructure based on hydrogen.

“The signing of a mutual cooperation MOU on hydrogen mobility distribution with Abu Dhabi, Changwon City, and Kwangshin Machinery has created an opportunity for domestic hydrogen bus and hydrogen refueling station technology to advance into the Middle East market,” said Na Seung-sik, director of the Korea Automotive Research Institute.

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