Haskel’s refueling systems for ATCO and Fortescue H2 Refueller project


Haskel Hydrogen Systems has been awarded a contract to supply ATCO and Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) with fully packaged refueling systems for their H2 Refueller project, which has recently received backing from the Western Australian Government.

The project will focus on the design and construction of the first H2 refueling station in Western Australia (WA), which will be led by Haskel, and will support ATCO’s and Fortescue’s fleet of Toyota Mirais, hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles that produce no emissions other than pure water.

The station will be located at ATCO’s Jandakot depot and will utilize the green hydrogen produced by their Clean Energy Innovation Hub. The Clean Energy Innovation Hub has been generating green hydrogen for over a year, and with this project will expand into providing green hydrogen for transport.

Haskel Hydrogen Systems, which just received its own Toyota Mirai, has developed a range of hydrogen refueling solutions which it has deployed globally in support of a cleaner, greener environment.

The company has its own fully operational 700 bar hydrogen refueling station in the northeast of England and will soon be launching a more compact, plug-and-play hydrogen refueling station aimed at small fleet customers and demonstration projects further supporting its commitment to driving H2 adoption.

“When we first met with the team at Haskel, they quickly understood the scope of what ATCO and Fortescue were looking to achieve in the long term and offered the best product technically, backed with outstanding customer service, which made them the obvious choice as a supplier for our hydrogen refueller.”

“Haskel’s innovative products, matched with the hydrogen expertise at ATCO and Fortescue will help us realise our next goal of utilizing green hydrogen to expedite the transition to net-zero emissions globally through supporting the next generation of zero-emission transport.”

Kapz Malhotra, general manager Business Development ATCO Gas Division.

“We are excited to be working with ATCO. They are a great team and this project opens both of our companies up to major opportunities to expand on the solid foundations and relationships we have built for a seamless execution of this initial project,” stated Peverley.

Paul Peverley, Haskel Hydrogen Systems sales director in Australia and New Zealand.

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