HDF Energy to develop green hydrogen in Indonesia

In order to conduct joint studies to develop HDF Energy’s renewable power plants in Indonesia, HDF, and the Study and Test Center for Electricity, New and Renewable Energies, and Energy Savings (BBSP KEBTKE) of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration for non-variable electricity using hydrogen and photovoltaic synergy.

Renewable multi-megawatt power plants are created and developed by HDF Energy. They employ photovoltaic energy and long-term storage to generate non-intermittent, renewable, steady, and controllable electricity day and night without emitting any greenhouse gases. word for hydrogen energy. By generating locally used electricity, a Renewstable® power plant lowers its susceptibility to imported fuels, their price volatility, and supply threats.

For its part, BBSP KEBTKE is a specialist MEMR organization that provides survey, test, and study services connected to energy-saving initiatives as well as innovative and renewable energy sources. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the French Embassy in Indonesia, the British FCDO Mentari, BNP Paribas, and the Dutch NGO HIVOS all saw the signing of this pact in their presence.

More than 20 projects in Indonesia are in the queue

Following its developments this year in Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, HDF Energy is focusing on Indonesia as part of an endeavor to increase its presence in Asia, as demonstrated by this MoU. With the assistance of development banks, HDF is creating a pipeline of more than 20 projects in Indonesia, totaling 1.5 billion dollars (USD). In accordance with the terms of the MoU, the parties will pool their technical expertise and market knowledge to create a portfolio of Renewable and hydrogen projects in Indonesia that will supply the country’s consumers with clean, reliable, and continuous energy throughout the day and night. Senda Hurmuzan Kanam, the managing director of Indonesia’s BBSP KEBTKE, MEMR, states:

The Study and Test Center for Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Energy Saving (BBSP KEBTKE) offers testing services, pre-feasibility or feasibility studies, and keeps track of the availability of professionals in the field of new and renewable energies in order to do this. Additionally, BBSP KEBTKE seeks to create eco-friendly technology in collaboration with HDF Energy. For island regions and remote networks, HDF’s solution—which integrates photovoltaics, batteries, and hydrogen in its renewable power plant—offers a practical substitute to lower diesel consumption. To better understand hydrogen’s role in the energy transition, particularly for small and medium power networks, we are thrilled to partner with HDF. The use of hydrogen is completely consistent with the spirit of the Paris Agreement and is economically feasible to power initiatives intended to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. Additionally, it supports Indonesia’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and is associated with its G20 chairmanship.

In Indonesia, the advancement of clean energy will reach a significant milestone

One of the government’s key plans to finish the roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2060 is to use hydrogen. If we collaborate with Indonesian businesses and the government and work with our teams to develop innovative solutions, we aim to bring in a lot more industrial partners and researchers. Sahid Junaidi, Secretary General of New and Renewable Energies and Energy Economies, stated, “I am certain that this partnership will be successful and advantageous for both parties and that the growth of new and renewable energies will take an important step in Indonesia.

According to Mathieu Geze, director of HDF Energy Asia, “Due to its archipelago geography, Indonesia has particular challenges. While supporting the government’s initiative to encourage the development of eastern Indonesia, our Renewable® power plants could assist Indonesia in decarbonizing its electricity systems. Indonesia will be at the forefront of green hydrogen projects in Asia thanks to our project pipeline.

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