Hexagon Purus bags hydrogen distribution systems order from Hypion

Hypion has placed its first order for hydrogen distribution systems with Hexagon Purus through its subsidiary Wystrach GmbH.

For the planned German network of green hydrogen refueling stations, Hexagon Purus’ hydrogen distribution systems, including its type 4 hydrogen cylinders, will be used to transport hydrogen as well as serve as mobile storage. The first order for hydrogen distribution systems with delivery in 2024 has a value of about EUR 2.2 million (or roughly NOK 22 million).

Enabling Energy Transformation

According to Dr. Stefan Rehm, Development Director of Hypion, “Partnering with the best and most experienced suppliers on the market is vital to successfully implement our business strategy in an affordable and competitive way.” We are pleased to have Hexagon Purus join the team building a network of environmentally friendly hydrogen refueling stations in Germany.

According to Matthias K├Âtter, Head of Sales Wystrach, Hexagon Purus, “Our high-pressure distribution system can also be used as a mobile storage for hydrogen refueling stations, lowering both total investments and operating costs by reducing among other on-site fixed storage capacity and energy consumption.” “Hypion will be able to efficiently transport and refuel hydrogen with the same distribution system if we allow for hybrid use of our distribution systems.”

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