HH2E to build second major green hydrogen production plant in Germany

HH2E will construct and manage a green hydrogen factory close to Borna under the auspices of HH2E Werk Thierbach GmbH, a recently established regional business.

The facility will cater to large-scale energy and industrial consumers like the chemical industry, commercial air and road transport operators, as well as major companies in the mobility sector.

HH2E AG, Foresight, and HydrogenOne make up the project development collaboration for the Thierbach project. The consortium has already given its approval for the PID, and the initial cash will be used to purchase long lead times and for thorough engineering drawings. The Final Investment Decision (FID) is anticipated in 2023, just before the plant’s construction is set to start.

This is the company’s second sizable initiative revealed this year after the Lubmin project. These two plants’ technology mix and designs are similar to those of ones that could come after them and use tried-and-true components and systems, which lowers risk and shortens implementation times.

An alkaline electrolyser and a high-capacity battery are used in the technology mix created by HH2E to leverage the erratic nature of renewable energy output and enable continuous production of affordable green hydrogen without a consistent power source.

With recently announced plans to build an 1800 kilometer hydrogen energy network by 2027, Germany is setting the standard for environmentally friendly hydrogen development and production in Europe.

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