Hunter gets $100M green hydrogen investment

The Australian government is fulfilling its promise to establish Newcastle and the surrounding area as a center for green hydrogen.

To the benefit of the greater Hunter, a $100 million investment will ensure that Labor’s vision is realized at the Port of Newcastle (PoN).

To make sure PoN is prepared for the production and distribution of green hydrogen, the cash is anticipated to support a feasibility study, detailed designs, and essential early activities.

The government’s most recent investment builds on earlier financial commitments to support renewable careers, including $16 million to establish a New Energy Skills Hub at the University of Newcastle, $100 million to support 10,000 New Energy Apprenticeships, $10 million for a New Energy Skills Program for Australia to be able to take advantage of the employment opportunity to boost local skills and training in new industries, and the Powering Australia plan, which will see five out of six new power stations installed across the country.

According to Shortland MP Pat Conroy, the Port of Newcastle is the world’s principal center for coal export.

It will be able to play a significant role in the developing global green hydrogen economy thanks to this funding.

“Our region is well-positioned to benefit from new sectors thanks to its skilled workforce, a wealth of resources, industrial know-how, and rail and port infrastructure.

The Hunter can be a clean energy and hydrogen superpower, according to the administration.

“The future lies in producing hydrogen using sustainable energy sources.

Therefore, I’m happy to be a part of a government that works hard for the area and offers opportunities to develop our economy and create new, secure jobs.

Given that Newcastle has propelled Australia for generations, Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon acknowledged that it was an obvious step in the right direction.

She stated, “We’re now making sure it will do so for many, many years to come.

“Green hydrogen is a crucial component of the Port of Newcastle’s diversification and essential to determining the future of our region.

Thousands of employment will be created by this project and the growth of the renewable energy sector in PoN, which is vital for diversifying our local economy.

The multi-million dollar investment would also establish the region as a national leader, said Upper Hunter MP Dan Repacholi.

For over a century, “The Hunter has been the powerhouse of the NSW energy and export industry,” he added.

The Port of Newcastle will be prepared to stay that way for generations to come if hydrogen infrastructure is made available.