Hy Stor Energy commits to global green hydrogen standard first in North America

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Hy Stor Energy has joined with the Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) to become the first pledge member in North America to promote the GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard throughout the continent and the world.

By committing to this standard, which is the first of its kind internationally, Hy Stor Energy will create hydrogen for its highly anticipated Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub and all future projects using 100 percent or almost 100 percent renewable energy with close to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Establishing a standard for green hydrogen generation aims to facilitate the quick decarbonization of carbon-intensive industries, such as steel, cement, marine shipping, and aviation, in order to achieve urgent net zero and decarbonization objectives. Green hydrogen projects that comply with the GH2 Standard will be authorized to use the name “GH2 Green Hydrogen” and will be able to obtain and trade GH2 certificates of origin for green hydrogen and derivatives such as green ammonia. Since the majority of projects, such as Hy Stor Energy’s Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub, are still in the early design phase, the project will be independently examined in compliance with the standard to identify any difficulties or concerns that might provide a barrier to accreditation.

In conjunction to this announcement, Hy Stor Energy is sponsoring the establishment of the group’s first North American Chapter of Youth for Green Hydrogen, an inclusive movement of young people fighting to accelerate climate solutions and scale green hydrogen. Together with Youth for Green Hydrogen and other organizations like as colleges and national labs, Hy Stor Energy is building a constructive, action-based course of action with educational and advocacy objectives.

While the hydrogen sector is expanding in the United States as a result of The Department of Energy’s H2Hub initiative and the hydrogen tax credit, many firms are encouraging the usage of blue hydrogen as opposed to green and renewable hydrogen. To be completely dedicated to reducing harmful emissions, the hydrogen industry must strictly adhere to the gold standard of production and refrain from adding carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. This long-term investment in green hydrogen infrastructure has the extra benefit of being employed for decades, so reducing the future danger of energy assets becoming stranded. Hy Stor Energy focuses on the urgent need to market, deploy, and scale green hydrogen, since it is essential to achieve decarbonization targets and prevent climate change.

Hy Stor Energy signed both the GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard and the Youth for Green Hydrogen Declaration during the inaugural GH2 Global Assembly, which took place in Barcelona earlier this year. During this conference, the chief operating officer of Hy Stor, Claire Behar, had a fireside chat with Mr. Turnbull in which they discussed the future of the green hydrogen sector.

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