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A team of scientists from the Ural Federal University (UrFU) and the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry (IHTE) of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences has achieved a significant breakthrough in the development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) by synthesizing zinc-doped lanthanum-containing perovskite.

“The holy grail” of the energy future – hydrogen may soon have a very serious problem, which, if not solved quickly, will bring the whole “hydrogen revolution” to a halt for us. This is caused by the already absolute certainty that hydrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere reacts with tropospheric hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Therefore, its uncontrolled emission into the atmosphere disturbs the distribution and holds dangerously the decomposition of methane, ozone or water vapour, which can lead us, in the short term, to a possible climate cataclysm.

A group of students from Eco-Runner Team Delft in the Netherlands is working on developing the world’s most efficient hydrogen car, with the goal of driving at least 2056 kilometres on less than one kilogram of hydrogen. The team of engineers has been building more efficient hydrogen cars every year, but this latest prototype must be sturdier to cover the long distance, comparable to a ride from the north of the Netherlands to southern Spain.

Plug Power, a leading provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions, has announced the launch of its new high-power stationary hydrogen-powered fuel cell system for commercial electric vehicles (EV) fleets. The company claims that the system combines its 18,000-gallon (81,829 litres) liquid hydrogen tank with its megawatt-scale PEM fuel cell solution, providing over 60MWh of instantaneous energy to charge more than 600 EVs.