HyAxiom and Shell demonstrate fuel cell solution for maritime decarbonization

HyAxiom and Shell have agreed to use a solid oxide fuel cell created by HyAxiom to power liquefied natural gas carrier.

This will examine the technology’s capacity to reduce carbon emissions from maritime transport, a field that is crucial to trade and global economies but is regarded as difficult to regulate.

A vessel powered by a HyAxiom-developed Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) would be launched in 2025, according to the agreement between Shell, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE), DNV, and Doosan Fuel Cell (DFCC).

HyAxiom will design and develop the SOFC Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for long-range maritime demonstration, while DFCC will manufacture, conduct factory tests, and deliver the product; Shell will charter the demonstration vessel; KSOE will help with system integration and technological deployment; and DNV will offer technical and safety expertise.

The vessel will run for a year after launch, during which time the parties will gather important information about how to better incorporate SOFC technology into present-day boats and help shape the ability to power future vessels at scale with SOFC technology.