Hydrogen among 5 new growth industries


Eumseong-gun unveiled a blueprint for each of the five new development engine businesses that would be preoccupied with future food sustainability.

“The internal and external economic environment after the outbreak of Corona 19 is a crisis for Eumseong-gun,” Governor Cho Byeong-ok said at a press conference on the same day, “but we can turn a crisis into an opportunity through analysis of the region and preparation for the future in the era of diversification and major transformation.” Eumseong-gun intends to spend 5,754.5 billion won in five new development engines: new energy, automobile logistics, beauty and health, intelligent components, climate, and environmental agriculture. “We are advocating 12 strategies, 23 tasks, and 60 initiatives” to that aim, he continued.

Strategies such as constructing energy safety infrastructure, cultivating hydrogen and secondary battery sectors, and creating a new energy industry ecosystem have been formed in the new energy sector. Various infrastructures are being built, including a hydrogen gas safety experience training center, a hydrogen bus parts test and evaluation center, the Eumseong industry-university convergence district, a hydrogen fuel cell power plant, and a secondary use technical support center for electric vehicle batteries. In order to prepare for the future period of climate change and energy transition, the new energy sector will be promoted.

In the car logistics sector, the plan was to construct a distribution and logistics hub in Korea as a future automobile industry hotspot. By establishing a specialized industrial complex for car parts, sharing mobility services, and employing drones, the military is setting the basis to lead the future automobile industry.

The major strategies in the beauty health sector are to build a foundation for the beauty health business and to promote the beauty health industry. As a result, the military is constructing a specialized beauty and health industrial complex and fostering R&D and technology development equipment construction projects, as well as recruiting associated businesses.

The plan in the field of intelligent components is establishing a concentrated development of system semiconductors themed smart city in response to the new trend of the 4th industrial age.

Cultivating eco-friendly agriculture to adapt to climate change, cultivating smart agriculture to lead future agriculture, and branding luxury agricultural goods were all formed in the field of climate-environmental agriculture. To that purpose, an eco-friendly agricultural instruction center and a comprehensive analytical center for eco-friendly agriculture were constructed.

“When we originally developed the plan to promote the five new development engine industries, there were many doubters,” Governor Cho stated, “but as a result of consistent hard effort in the spirit of ‘Ugong Isan,’ it has already established itself as a vital strategy that will shape the future of Eumseong-gun.” The seventh group (Build UP) accomplished quantitative and qualitative growth by generating jobs and improving living circumstances in accordance with the military administration’s aims of a prosperous voice, a healthy voice, and an optimistic voice.” “We will develop Eumseong, a new growth center city in Korea by 2030,” he stated, “which has been upgraded to a new pace by speeding economic regeneration based on five new growth engines as a footing.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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