Hydrogen Aviation Valley Kosice project kicks off

The Kosice Technical University has welcomed a preliminary working session intended to introduce the idea of a regional center of significance for Europe called the Kosice Valley of Hydrogen Aviation.

More than six European countries’ representatives from the scientific and research community, business, and regional government were welcomed to the University Science Park TECHNICOM by the event’s organizers, the initiative’s principal partners, and the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Kosice. The directors of the joint ventures for Clean Aviation and Clean Hydrogen gave presentations in the main portion, outlining their organizations’ goals and offering suggestions for regional and EU-level cooperation.

Valley of Hydrogen Aviation A Memorandum of Cooperation between the dean of the Faculty of Aeronautics at the Technical University in Kosice and the president of the Kosice self-governing area, Rastislav Trnka, marked the beginning of Kosice’s voyage. The commitment to support and look for ways to enhance urban air mobility, integrate unmanned aerial systems, and use virtual reality in transportation were among the agreed topics of ongoing cooperation beyond research and implementation of emission-free technology in air transportation.

Following a successful launch in Kosice, the initiative’s partners will concentrate on forming a qualified working group and inviting additional participants from the scientific, research, and industrial sectors with the intention of developing a plan that will result in the establishment of a distinctive regional hub.

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