Hydrogen boosts New Energy Revolution


For its hydrogen technology, GWM completed the first 70MPa type III bottle test. Following the release of the hydrogen energy strategy in March and the many innovative application results of hydrogen energy technologies and products brought to the 2021 Auto Shanghai by GWM’s subsidiary FTXT in April, the company made another technical breakthrough in the hydrogen power industry.

The global economy and energy industry are currently ushering in the “decarbonization era,” with energy conservation and environmental protection becoming a global trend. Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the greatest development potential in the twenty-first century in this context.

Following this trend, GWM is working to break down core technology barriers, connect upstream and downstream industry chains, and accelerate commercialization of hydrogen energy by developing an international supply chain ecology that integrates hydrogen “production-storage-transportation-refueling-application.” In addition, the company has launched the Hydrogen- L.E.M.O.N., a world-class full-scene solution of “hydrogen power systems” that complies with vehicle regulations.

GWM’s hydrogen energy strategy is based on technology, and one of GWM’s fundamental technology lines for the L.E.M.O.N. platform is technology. Hydrogen fuel cell systems, fuel cells and electric piles, vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage systems, and key components are all covered by the solution. According to GWM’s current plans, the world’s first SUV with a Class C hydrogen fuel cell based on Hydrogen- L.E.M.O.N. Technology will be released this year, with a range of up to 840 kilometers.

GWM, as the first Chinese automaker to join the Hydrogen Council, began assembling a world-class R&D team for hydrogen energy, fuel cell systems, and vehicle technologies in early 2016, with members hailing from Germany, the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, the United States, and China. Simultaneously, GWM has established an R&D landscape spanning seven countries and ten regions in Europe, North America, and Asia, laying a solid foundation for the hydrogen energy industry’s innovation. GWM has invested a total of RMB 2 billion in the hydrogen energy R&D sector to meet demand for whole industrial chain R&D, and will invest another RMB 3 billion in the next three years to reach a production capacity of 10,000 sets and become a leading enterprise in this sector.

GWM continuously strengthens the development of hydrogen energy technology, new energy power battery technology, and other future clean technologies, actively fulfills its social and environmental responsibilities, and serves users worldwide based on the concept of “over-investment” in R&D, in strict accordance with the requirements of low carbon and environmental protection, and guided by the concept of “over-investment” in R&D. Its goal is to develop an environmentally friendly industrial chain ecology and “build a sustainable and beautiful society through hydrogen energy.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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