Hydrogen firm Zero Emission Industries wins Chevron investment

In its most recent round of funding, the maritime hydrogen technology company Zero Emission Industries attracted investment from businesses including US energy giant Chevron.

The company’s series of fundraising rounds featuring contributions from Crowley, a US shipping and logistics firm, and investments from Chevron New Energies ended this week.

The business creates fuel cell power and hydrogen storage system for the marine sector.

The business stated in the statement that “the investments from Chevron and Crowley build an integrated value chain from hydrogen generation to power systems to warships.”

“This partnership will benefit end users and partners equally by delivering value through streamlined and affordable fueling and power solutions designed exclusively for marine applications.

Together with key partners Chevron and Crowley, ZEI’s technological know-how and creative thinking will “help allow the expedited deployment of hydrogen technologies across the marine sector to provide lower carbon and maybe zero emission power for the industry.”

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