Hydrogen-Fueled Research Vessel to be Built to ABS Class

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego has ordered a hydrogen-powered research vessel that will be constructed to ABS Class standards.

The Glosten-designed vessel will include a revolutionary hydrogen-hybrid propulsion system that combines a traditional diesel-electric power plant with hydrogen fuel cells to enable zero-emission operations. The ship’s architecture is scaled so that it can complete 75% of its missions on only hydrogen. Diesel generators will supply extra power for extended trips.

The 150-foot vessel will be outfitted with cutting-edge sensors, instruments, and labs, facilitating transdisciplinary study and expanding knowledge of the physical and biological processes occurring in California’s coastal waters.

In a project that has the potential to significantly advance our knowledge of our oceans, ABS is happy to lead the development of hydrogen as a marine fuel technology alongside these partners. As it pioneers new ground and showcases this intriguing alternative fuel’s capabilities at sea, this initiative will be widely monitored by the industry, according to Christopher J. Wiernicki, chairman, president, and CEO of ABS.

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