Hydrogen instead of natural gas in Linnich

The utility firm Gelsenwasser’s Linnich operational location is currently entirely heated with hydrogen. The factory is currently operational thanks to NRW Economics Minister Neubaur.

At the utility’s operational site, natural gas has up until this point flowed through the yellow pipes. This is now over: tests are currently being conducted to determine whether hydrogen can replace natural gas without requiring significant adjustments. If so, new opportunities would become available throughout Germany. It is also possible for other utilities to transition to hydrogen-free fuel.

A more environmentally friendly energy source

“Green hydrogen in heat supply can also be a perspective towards climate neutrality,” NRW Economics and Climate Protection Minister Mona Neubaur said on Monday at the plant’s official commissioning. “In addition to heat pumps, wind energy, photovoltaics, and deep geothermal energy.” The Linnich project is now evaluating how this can be done practically and what is required to do it.

Hydrogen to heat buildings and provide hot water

A workshop hall and an office building will initially be heated by hydrogen at the Gelsenwasser facility near Linnich. Hydrogen can also be used locally to heat water. Other clients might profit from the climate-neutral technology following a one-year test phase.

According to the Gelsenwasser utility firm, Linnich in the Düren neighborhood has joined Dortmund as a hydrogen pioneer in Germany. The district has a long history of involvement in hydrogen-related undertakings.