Hydrogen promotion now also to be found in KEA-BW database

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Under the new search phrase “hydrogen,” the funding database currently contains ten listings, but not all of them are currently accepting submissions.

Two funding opportunities from the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) are presently accepting applications. They support renewable energy-powered rail vehicles and infrastructure, as well as pilot plants for hydrogen-based fuel generation.

Funding for rail vehicles powered by hydrogen or electricity

The BMDV has initiated a funding scheme for alternatively propelled rail vehicles. It facilitates vehicle procurement, the required infrastructure for tanks and charging, hydrogen generating plants, and feasibility studies. Depending on the topic, up to 80 percent funding may be available. In other instances, micro, small, and medium-sized businesses receive grants that are 20 or 10 percentage points greater.

Interested parties have until August 31, 2022 to submit their applications.

Development of fuels from green hydrogen

The objective of the BMDV’s financing call “Biological methanation employing CO2 sources from bioenergy production and hydrogen at a central location for the manufacture of renewable fuel” is to facilitate the commercialization of biological methanation. It is anticipated that this technology would create CNG and LNG fuels. The initiative subsidizes the development and operation of pilot plants, as well as the acquisition of green hydrogen.

The initiative provides scientific monitoring for optimization and ecological and economic potential estimation. The emphasis is placed on application-focused projects. In addition to universities, colleges, and non-university research organizations, corporations from the disciplines of plant engineering, component production (electrolysis, synthesis processes), and fuel generation and consumption are also targeted.

The deadline for applications is October 31, 2022.

After September 30, 2022, applications for the “HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in Germany” initiative will once again be accepted. The next financing call for “Export Initiative Environmental Technologies” (EXI) is slated for the beginning of the new year. There is no filter to initially display only current programs.

Hydrogen support from the state of Baden-Württemberg

The funding database of KEA-BW additionally includes two offers from the State Ministry of Environment, namely “Climate Protection and Value Creation through Hydrogen (KWH2)” and “Model Region Green Hydrogen” (EFRE program). The application deadlines, however, have already passed. In the future years, the selected projects will be carried out.

In December 2020, Baden-Württemberg adopted its own hydrogen roadmap. The state aspires to be a global leader in hydrogen and fuel technologies. The “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell – H2BW” platform is responsible for the roadmap’s implementation, monitoring, and development. Bade-Württemberg e-mobil BW GmbH is the state agency for new mobility solutions and automobiles.

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