Hydrogen storage and fuel cell essential for Caterpillar’s Arizona site

Caterpillar has been outlining how fuel cells and hydrogen storage will be essential to its upcoming sustainable mining plan.

The business unveiled its first battery-powered 793 big mining vehicle as part of efforts to turn Tucson Proving Ground in Arizona into a sustainable hub for testing and validation in the future.

But as part of a “alternative energy island,” it also plans to develop green hydrogen production, natural gas and 100% hydrogen reciprocating engine power generating, fuel cell power generation, and extended energy storage systems.

The facility will also make use of a range of renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen, solar, and wind, that can run both the facility and its goods once they are electrified.

Caterpillar is also adding two generator sets that may run entirely on natural gas, entirely on hydrogen, or a combination of the two. At peak power, the facility will generate up to 2 MW of solar energy and 3 MW of wind energy.

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