Hydrogen UK unveils Hydrogen Accelerators

At the Conservative Party Conference, Hydrogen UK (HUK), the leading trade organisation for the hydrogen industry in the UK, will unveil its “Hydrogen Accelerators,” which will serve as a roadmap for the ongoing growth of Britain’s complete hydrogen value chain.

In order to ensure the effective deployment of hydrogen in the UK, the government has been given a set of recommendations known as the “Hydrogen Accelerators” by the 50 strong industry members. Following the release of the Hydrogen Strategy a year ago, HUK is advocating for production to be scaled up quickly, increased support for the infrastructure of distribution and storage, and the development of end-use market demand.

As the USA approves the Inflation Reduction Act and the European Commission proposes a €3 billion hydrogen bank for projects, an appealing opportunity for global hydrogen enterprises arises, prompting the call for fast action.