Hydrogen Valley approved in Puglia

The Hydrogen Valley construction tendering process has been approved by the Puglia Region. Brownfield sites are to be converted into green hydrogen production facilities in order to enable decarbonization efforts. First, that of the previous Ilva.

Puglia advances in the difficult task of ecological and energy transformation with the acceptance of the “Bando tipo” concept for the Hydrogen Valley flagship project.

The call, which is presently being published, governs the technical-operational processes for the award of subsidies in support of project ideas intended to build renewable hydrogen production facilities in vacant industrial regions, to be funded under Investment 3.1 of the Pnrr.

A project proposal may only get a maximum of 10 million in facilitation, whether it is presented singly or jointly. The Region seeks to foster the production of electrolytic hydrogen from renewable energy sources or grid electricity through the implementation of the planned interventions, as well as support the reuse of abandoned industrial areas and the economic recovery of local economies.

“One of the first and most crucial measures toward making Puglia the Italian Hydrogen Pole is this call. Additionally, by hastening the adoption of green hydrogen, we will get a step closer to achieving the decarbonization goals set by the regional strategy as well as the national and European ones for 2030 and 2050, for the benefit of the environment and the spread of renewable energy “This is how Michele Emiliano, the president of the Puglia Region, reacts to the Council’s approval of the Hydrogen Valley construction tender scheme.

“The Puglia Region has made the hydrogen strategy a key axis of regional policy, according to Councillor for Economic Development Alessandro Delli Noci. After a year of hard work, we were able to secure 40 million euros to be distributed to the hydrogen districts, the so-called Hydrogen Valley, through the flagging of our regional project proposal. This money will be used to launch the crucial Regional Hydrogen Observatory tool and to develop the Regional Hydrogen Strategy in collaboration with Observatory stakeholders and local residents. All of this is being done because we want Puglia, the first Italian region to produce renewable energy, to become a hydrogen pole “.