Hydrogen’s geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region

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Large energy users in the Indo-Pacific area and their traditional energy providers are investigating the potential role of clean hydrogen in energy systems, as well as their prospective involvement in hydrogen supply chains.

Several Asian countries are spearheading the creation of a hydrogen-based economy by announcing and implementing hydrogen strategies and supporting new projects, while others are just beginning to describe their ideas and objectives.

This paper examines the national ambitions and objectives of the largest Asian nations and their traditional energy suppliers, as well as the major consequences of the development of clean hydrogen in the Indo-Pacific area. In addition, the report provides recommendations regarding the role the United States could play in this expanding market, such as ensuring resilience and robustness in clean hydrogen supply chains, recognizing the energy security benefit of clean hydrogen exports from the United States, and ensuring environmental sustainability in the creation of hydrogen value chains.

Report – Author Jane Nakano

Nedim Husomanovic

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