Hyosung Heavy Industries, Korea East-West Power sign MOU

Hyosung Heavy Industries has inked an MOU with Korea East-West Power, for the demonstration of hydrogen engine generators and business growth.

This will allow the two businesses to demonstrate and grow their businesses in the areas of solar power production, hydrogen engine power generation, energy storage systems (ESS), and distributed carbon-free power generation.

In comparison to the hydrogen fuel cell with the same project cost, the renewable energy convergence power generation model being developed by Hyosung Heavy Industries and Korea East-West Power will raise the maximum power generation by 4 times and reduce carbon emissions by 1.3 times. By adding water electrolysis equipment to the model, it is also feasible to manufacture green hydrogen while also successfully controlling the output of renewable energy.

According to Lee Man-seop, Head of Machinery PU at Hyosung Heavy Industries, “The present topic is to develop a carbon-free power source that transforms existing fossil fuels to carbon-free fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia carbon-free fuels under the government’s ‘2050 carbon neutral’ goal. By utilizing our unique technology, we shall try our best to construct hydrogen engine generators and power plants.

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