Hyundai debuts N Vision 74 hydrogen hybrid concept

Hyundai’s exciting N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid concept made its debut in the United States at Automobility LA.

The electrification ambition of the Hyundai N sub-brand is shown in this future concept, highlighting the company’s dedication to zero-emissions technologies. It is built on the “Rolling Lab” idea, which is a testbed for emerging technology looking for the driver’s highest level of emotional engagement. The N brand is able to test the most cutting-edge technologies in both production car development and motorsport thanks to this tactical strategy.

The hydrogen-powered N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo exemplifies N brand’s dedication to sustainable performance and its 2015 vision. The N Vision 74 marks seven years of scientific advancement and the N brand promise to create an optimistic future for automobile fans, regardless of propulsion source, even though hydrogen fuel cell power was once considered to be a pipe dream.

The Hyundai Pony Coupe concept from 1974, created by renowned auto designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, is honored in N Vision 74. The 1974 Pony Coupe concept’s clean surfaces, dynamically proportioned shape, and distinctive B-pillar were carried over to N Vision 74, while Parametric Pixel lighting adds a futuristic touch.

High performance hydrogen hybrid architecture that is unique
Hyundai engineers created a special hydrogen hybrid architecture that combines a battery-electric drivetrain with an FCEV system in a brand-new design that is exclusive to the N Vision 74. To reduce overall height and center of gravity, a 62.4kWh T-type battery is installed at the bottom of the fuel cell stack, which has an output of 85 kW (maximum 95 kW). The battery’s high-speed charging architecture operates at 800V.

A total of one independent, rear-mounted motor per wheel produces 500kW of power. This enables engineers to precisely control how much power is sent to the left and right wheels. The N Vision 74 may be customized with several differential settings that are perfect for track driving thanks to the ability to precisely and swiftly modify power distribution.

The 9.3 lb. capacity hydrogen fuel tanks located at the rear of the N Vision 74 can be refueled in five minutes and have dual charging capabilities. The 62kWh battery is charged by the 85kW fuel cell, which transforms hydrogen into power. The battery also utilizes the fast-chargeable 800V battery technology from Hyundai’s e-GMP platform.