Hyundai develops 1.5MW LNG and hydrogen blending engine

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group was successful in creating Korea’s first 1.5 MW LNG and hydrogen blending engine.

On the 22nd, Korea Shipbuilding & Marine and Hyundai Heavy Industries declared that they had finished evaluating the HiMSEN engine, which had been built using proprietary technology. By employing just certain types of diesel fuel and LNG-hydrogen blend fuels, hazardous emissions from LNG and hydrogen engines can be greatly reduced.

The potent engine complies with Tier 3, the strictest nitrogen oxide standard set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The reduction of carbon peat and methane was found to have excellent results. Hydrogen evaporation gas is anticipated to be recycled as fuel by using mixed engines with liquid hydrogen carriers. By doing this, the amount of hydrogen lost throughout the journey is reduced.

Honso engines can be utilized on both ships and land. This is due to the fact that it can readily change the power-generating output and has a longer lifespan than hydrogen fuel cells used for land-based power generation.

“We plan to continue research and development, complete the development of a mixed engine with an increased proportion of hydrogen by 2023, and complete the construction of a land- and offshore hydrogen ecosystem by developing a complete hydrogen engine in 2025,” a representative from Hyundai Heavy Industries Group said.