Hyundai inks international agreement to develop Czech Republic’s hydrogen industry

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Hyundai Motor, together with the Korea and Czech Hydrogen Association and private hydrogen-related enterprises in both countries, will assist the development of hydrogen mobility by Czech companies in order to provide the groundwork for the hydrogen sector in the Czech Republic.

at the Hilton hotel in Prague, Czech republic, Hyundai announced on the 28th that it had signed a multilateral work agreement (MOU) with 13 companies and institutions of the Czech hydrogen association ‘Hytep(hydrogen technology platform)’ and the Korean hydrogen supply revitalization civil council on mutual cooperation to build a hydrogen mobility ecosystem in the Czech republic.

Minister Lee Chang-yang of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Resources, Ambassador of Hydrogen Petr Mervart of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, President Moon Jae-do of the Hydrogen Fusion Alliance, Vice-President Martin Paidar of HYTEP, Seung-kyu Shin of Hyundai Motor, and Ki-chul Kim of Hyundai Globis were present at the ceremony.

The Convention was promoted with the understanding that hydrogen will play a significant role in the transformation of the global energy paradigm from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The two MOU subjects, including Hyundai Motor, will encourage the exchange of knowledge in the hydrogen field, hydrogen mobility manufacture and demonstration, hydrogen charging and transportation infrastructure construction, and the development of hydrogen production technology. We will continue to establish a hydrogen ecosystem in the Czech Republic by cooperating across the full cycle, from hydrogen production to storage, transportation, and consumption.

First, Hyundai contributes to the development of hydrogen mobility, such as compact multi-purpose hydrogen trucks adapted for the Czech market, by selling hydrogen fuel cell systems to MOU-participating Czech companies such as the Zebra Group and providing support for associated technologies.

Local Czech enterprises intend to construct hydrogen mobility, such as multi-purpose hydrogen commercial cars, and execute commercialization demonstration programs. Through the demonstration operation of hydrogen commercial vehicles, such as identifying the possibility of replacing existing commercial vehicles and the need for errors, it is anticipated that the future prospects and sustainability of the hydrogen mobility business on the Czech market can be predicted.

We will also collaborate on the construction of hydrogen infrastructure to increase the availability of hydrogen energy and hydrogen transportation. Hydrogen Fusion Alliance and Hyundai will support hydrogen charging station-related technologies and share their expertise in establishing and running hydrogen charging stations in Korea in order to enhance hydrogen charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic. We encourage the development of eco-friendly hydrogen production technologies and the lowering of production costs in the domain of hydrogen production.

Hyundai Globis will provide transportation services including hydrogen commercial vehicle parts, assembly equipment, and hydrogen charging station equipment, as well as hydrogen energy distribution throughout the entire cycle of the hydrogen supply network, from hydrogen production to utilization, by utilizing the characteristics of a professional supply chain management (SCM) firm.

Hyundai Motor stated, “This cooperation project will be the cornerstone of hydrogen mobility’s significant role in the paradigm shift of the Czech automotive industry, and we expect this to promote the development of various hydrogen business models in the Czech Republic and revitalize the hydrogen economy.”

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